Tuesday Workshop Leaders

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Lynley Jones

Lynley JonesLynley Jones is the Director of Children’s Ministries at Asbury UMC in Lafayette, Louisiana.  Lynley earned a Community and Regional Planning degree from the University of Southern Mississippi and has recently completed dual Certification in Christian Education and Children’s Ministry at Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She has also served as Outreach/Evangelism Director and Christian Education Director at First United Methodist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Lynley is passionate about building ministry that is irresistible to families in her community.

Lynley will be presenting the following workshops:

Promoting With Pizazz (Session 1)
This workshop is ideal for those who need either an introduction marketing methods or those who have working knowledge but need to learn strategies and new techniques to achieve different results.

Stop, Drop, and Roll Planning Method (Session 2)
This workshop will teach step-by-step planning and calendaring methods that will move you from “putting out fires” to planning effective ministry.

Rev. Melissa Cooper

Rev. Melissa CooMelissa Cooperper is an ordained deacon, the Program Coordinator for the Life Enrichment Center and the Director of LECFamily, a ministry that includes intergenerational retreats and camps, resources for families and churches, as well as training and workshops for local churches and leaders. She has a passion for the present and future of the Church and loves helping to equip churches to expand and strengthen their ministries. She is married to Will and they have two adorable four-legged children. You can find out more about LECFamily atwww.lecfamily.org.

Melissa will be presenting the following workshops:

Starting Intergenerational Ministry (Session 1)
Setting intergenerational ministry as a priority is an important transition in the life of a church, but first we must consider what the purpose and importance of intergenerational ministry is to our congregation and the Kingdom. In this workshop, we’ll look at the “why” of intergenerational ministry and build a solid foundation to begin transforming your community.

Intergenerational Ministry from a Youth Perspective (Session 2)
Youth ministry is a ministry of transition – how do we retain young people in our congregations and in the Church overall when we know that 40-50% of our youth group graduates are leaving the church? In this workshop we’ll examine how an intergenerational approach is a major part of the answer to the young adult exodus the church is facing.

Stephen Ingram

I am a dadStephen Ingram Headshot, husband, and foodie and I find entirely too many things interesting.  I have been in student ministry since 1998 and have the joy of serving as the Director of Student Ministries at Canterbury United Methodist Church in Birmingham, AL. I  have a BA in Religion from Samford University and a Masters of Divinity fro
m McAfee School of Theology in Atlanta. I also serve as a lead consultant with Ministry Architects and blog regularly at www.organicstudentministry.com


Stephen will be presenting the following workshops:

Organic Student Ministry (Session 1)
Organic Student Ministry is a holistic ministry approach for student ministries that moves away from the chemical, insta growth themed quick fix approach found in most youth ministry approaches and calls the youth minister to dig deep in the soil of church finding the local context and learning what grows best in that soil.

Organic Student Ministry has already gained a lot of traction since the book was released by Chalice almost a month ago.  The book and a host of reviews and endorsements can be found at http://www.amazon.com/Organic-Student-Ministry-Pre-Packaged-Transform/dp/0827227582/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1444844665&sr=8-1&keywords=organic+student+ministry as well at http://www.organicstudentministry.com/?page_id=1024

Family Ministry in the Mainline Church (Session 2)
It is not secret that the mainline church has been slower than many at understanding and embracing the importance of making ministry to the whole family as a center piece of our ministry to our students.  While the data is more than clear (upwards of 70% of our students spirituality come straight from their parents) mainline churches have been lethargic at redeveloping our models and methods to reflect these monumental findings.  In this seminar the youth minister or DCE will leave with the scholarship, institutional knowledge and the practical tools to empower, enable and equip parents to become the most intentional spiritual nurturers of their kids.

Shane Raynor


Shane Raynor was a Cokesbury account manager and consultant before becoming an editor for the Converge Bible Studies series from Abingdon Press and the editor at MinistryMatters.com. Shane acquires writers and articles for Ministry Matters and is also currently working to develop multimedia content for the site. He really likes science fiction, world news, politics, baseball, the Bible, theology, coffee, and Jesus, but not in that order.


Shane will be presenting the following workshop:

Using Technology and Social Media to Build Christian Community (Session 1 & 2)
Dive into the deep end to explore the ministry opportunities and challenges of using social media, smartphones, other technologies, and alternate ministries for marketing and outreach across generations and into the 21st Century.

Barbara Bruce

Barbara Bruce


Barbara Bruce is a successful aging facilitator – presenting skill sets and strategies locally and nationally about how to age well in Mind – Body and Spirit.


Barbara will be presenting the following workshops:


Living Well In Mind/Body/Spirit (Session 1)
We are holistic beings; what affects our minds also affects our body and spirit–they are connected. Experience ways we can maintain optimum health as we continue to grow in grace and wisdom. This workshop is geared towards Boomers/older adults.

Help God! We’ve Got Issues (Session 2)
Issues, we’ve got issues – How can the church help guide us through the myriad of issues we much deal with as we age: health, finances, sandwich generation, retirement, purpose.

Rev. Margaret Ann Crain

MAC CIEMargaret Ann Crain, who served as a congregational educator for 20 years and then taught at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, has published several books and continues to advocate for deacons.

Margaret Ann will be presenting the following workshop:



Taking Stock (Session 1 & 2)
What and who comes after you? Strategies for identifying and mentoring a successor so you can leave with confidence that vital teaching ministries will continue. It’s about letting go as well as holding on. This workshop for seasoned educators will provide an opportunity to explore possibilities and articulate a plan.

Rev. Scott Parrish


Rev. Scott Parrish is a full connection deacon in North Georgia annual conference with 25 years serving congregations and now serving as mission specialist with Connectional Ministries and as consultant for mission celebrations with UMC Global Ministries.

Scott will be presenting the following workshop:


Bridging Church & Community: Missio Dei In Your Context (Session 1 & 2)
Examine models and best practices of mission in a congregation living as vibrant participants in a specific community. We’ll get beyond projects and committees and 10% of a congregation engaged and consider what it takes to unleash a movement. Mission is more than a one way street of WASPish motivated do-gooders keen to “do something” and offers great possibilities to open up the closed system of a church that better expresses the Body of Christ alive in the neighborhood.

Rev. Dr. Carmen Gaud

carmen pro

The Rev. Dr. Carmen Gaud is a retired elder and former editor of El Aposento Alto (The Upper Room devotional magazine in Spanish). She holds a D. Min. in Religion and Personality and has provided leadership for the Latino Course of Study, as well as numerous Academies for Spiritual Formation. She is a confirmed bibliophile who is looking forward to spending time at her condo in Puerto Rico.



Carmen will be presenting the following workshop:

Spiritual Disciplines In The Midst of a Hectic Life (Session 1 & 2)
If you’re busier than you need to be, spiritual practices may get squeezed out in favor of “doing things”: planning, meetings, recruiting leaders, putting out fires…. Explore how you, in your community of practice, can cultivate and maintain a meaningful relationship with God in the midst of doing God’s work.

Workshop Listing by Session

Session 1
Promoting With Pizazz, Lynley Jones
Starting Intergenerational Ministry, Melissa Cooper
Organic Student Ministry, Stephen Ingram
Using Technology & Social Media to Build Christian Community, Shane Raynor
Living Well in Body/Mind/Spirit, Barbara Bruce
Taking Stock, Margaret Ann Crain
Bridging Church & Community: Missio Dei in Your Context, Scott Parrish
Spiritual Disciplines in the Midst of a Hectic Life, Carmen Gaud

Session 2:
Stop, Drop, and Roll Planning Method, Lynley Jones
Intergenerational Ministry from a Youth Perspective, Melissa Cooper
Family Ministry in the Mainline Church, Stephen Ingram
Using Technology & Social Media to Build Christian Community, Shane Raynor
Help God! We’ve Got Issues, Barbara Bruce
Taking Stock, Margaret Ann Crain
Bridging Church & Community: Missio Dei in Your Context, Scott Parrish
Spiritual Disciplines in the Midst of a Hectic Life, Carmen Gaud

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